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Thursday, April 11, 2024

Austin: City Tour & Comedy Night & BBQ…

So yesterday Darce and I hit the streets to take a look-see around  the city that is glitzy Austin, Texas. Yea-hah! 🤠

To be honest, the city is a little predictable architecturally. Sure the skyscrapers are nice. The Texas State Capitol is impressive. The greenery and river are beautiful. And the Paramount Theatre has an old worldly charm. 

But the rest is by the numbers:

  1. An oldish church, sorry cathedral. Cathedral of Saint Mary in Austin. 
  1. An oldish bakery. Lundberg Bakery. 
  1. An oldish hotel. Driskill Hotel.   
Etc etc. 

No, what sets Austin apart from other US cities is the vibe. The people. There’s a real buzz to the place. 

And that buzz was no more apparent than when Darce treated me to a night of stand-up comedy at the previously mentioned Paramount Theatre. Frankie Quiñones was on. We laughed our socks off. 

And afterwards we continued that vibe and dropped into another one of Austin’s cool places to go. A BBQ. BBQs are legendary in this neck of the woods, and Cooper's Old Time Pit Bar-B-Que is up there right with them. The food was fab. We stuffed ourselves. 

Our ribs were both tickled and grilled in the same night. 

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