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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

An Evening with Pet Shop Boys…

On Monday night I went to the old Guardian offices in London’s glitzy Kings Cross to listen to the new Pet Shop Boys album in an early listening session and to hear and watch the boys be interviewed for an hour and a half about the album, their career, their inspirations, and their views pop music and the world in general.

It was fantastic – the album and the interview.

Listening to a new Pet Shop Boys album is like being introduced to new friends. Some you take to immediately, others you think you’re get to like when you spend more time with them. There are some bangers. There are some beautiful slow songs. There are some delightfully melodic insightful songs with a story behind them. 

The new album is quite orchestral, it is very much a Pet Shop Boys album in its sound and themes, and my only comment might be perhaps Chris leans rather more on the bossa-nova button then he has done late. 

The album is out on Friday - when you will have a chance to listen for yourselves.


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