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Saturday, April 27, 2024

Puerto Rico: Day 2…

We left Miami early afternoon yesterday for our short hop flight to San Juan, Puerto Rico.

American Airlines rather made up for themselves by giving us free beer and I managed to watch Disney’s Walk-E on the plane too so I was happy. 

Flying into San Juan is pretty special. Lovely view of the wonderful city.

Less wonderful was the 25 minute wait on the tarmac for the airport to allow the plane to reach the gate. Also less wonderful was the Uber surge pricing that went from $16 to $60 at the moment we left the baggage carousel.

We ended up getting a taxi into town, which was only $22 though. 

The place we are staying is a really quite nice, an apartment. The room is big and in very good order  although I’m not sure the kitchen has actually had anybody ever cooking in it! Also, there’s a building site next door. But least we do get to look at the builders!

San Juan itself seems very pleasant. The usual mix of tourist trap bars, plastic chair places,  and nice restaurants. 

Some of those bars do seem a bit dodgy though and we did walk into Patrick Irish bar and spin straight back out!

The food is good though, and the local beer nice. 

We met up with Matthew who was also as an early arrival like us and went out for some nosh and to a bar or two to eye up the locals. Some of these locals did look a bit rough though - so we didn’t engage too much by way of conversation. 

Then back to the hotel for an early night to fight the jet lag. 

Today our other partners in crime will be around so no doubt the 10 of us will make some plans for this evening. 


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