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Friday, April 19, 2024

London Tide @ Lyttelton Theatre…

It was a 42 minute dash from the moment my much-delayed KLM flight touched down at London City Airport to me sitting next to Stuart, G&T in hand, at the Lyttelton Theatre to watch Ben Power’s adaptation of Charles Dickens’s Our Mutual Friend, now a musical and renamed London Tide, aptly situated on London’s glitzy South Bank. 

So, was it worth the sprint? Ish. But only ish. 

National Theatre yup
Great cast yup
Dickens yup
Complex plotting yup
Boarish men yup
Self-sacrificing women yup
The odd murder yup
Heaps of melodrama yup
Music by PJ Harvey yup
Clever set design and staging yup

But… but…. The songs were dirge. The singing iffy. The production over-long and boring. A few fell asleep. 😴 

At three hours in, one of leads stands at the waters’ edge for what seems like an age contemplating suicide. 

I muttered, “jump” 


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