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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Houston: I’m Your Baby Tonight…

It was our last night in Houston so we decided to dress up a bit and head skyward - to a high rooftop bar. Overpriced cocktails 🍸 on the 23rd floor? Million Dollar Bill sort of place? Don’t mind if I’d do. I love an Expresso Martini. And so I’d been Saving All My Love For You. 

We got the tram there. Surprisingly quick, surprisingly cheap. Next time we’ll use it more often, we’ll Run To You. 

From our rooftop perch on high we spotted a hither unknown place to me down below called Puttshack. Nine hole crazy golf in a bar with food. What’s not to like? Darce said there are ones in London too but How Will I Know? In this case I Learned From The Best. 

Each ball was linked to your name which was displayed up on the big screen before you took your shot. It didn’t always get it right though, My Name Is Not Susan! Haha. It’s Not Right But It’s Okay.  

So we spent the rest of the night scoffing, quaffing, and putting. Great fun. I won. Which made me Queen Of The Night. 

Houston, I Will Always Love You. 

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