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Friday, April 12, 2024

Austin: Shopping, more BBQ, bats, more comedy, and Rainbow Road…

Yesterday Darce & I hit the shopping trail. A massive mall; American Eagle, Aeropostale, Apple Store for a Vision Pro demo, and then the KiwiMart (sorry Walmart).  

Later we went into town to complete the consumerism experience for another fabulous barbecue at Cooper's Old Time Pit Bar-B-Que. We love that place. 

After that, we wall out onto the Congress Avenue Bridge to watch the one and a half million bats come streaming out at sundown. The way you do. 

A 1980 renovation transformed the bridge into an ideal bat cave, soon attracting migrating Mexican free-tailed bats. Decades later, Austin's bat numbers have swelled and locals have adopted the beloved creatures as neighbours who happily handle the city's bug mitigation and provide an amazing nightly show.

To top of the night off we went to go and see stand-up comic Margaret Cho at the Paramount. Her stand-up is absolute filth. Some walked out. We loved it. 

Oh and we popped into Iron Bear gay bar on the way home to watch a Mario kart tournament. Go figure. 

Next stop Houston. (Now my passport was arrived!)

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