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Thursday, October 31, 2019

Music/with/Changing/Parts @ Barbican Hall...

Last night Paul and I went to see/watch/hear/listen to the Philip Glass Ensemble perform/play/sing/recreate the magnificent Music with Changing Parts at the Barbican Hall in London's glitzy Barbican Centre.

Sadly the ensemble were without the great man himself due to illness, yet the night was as thrilling/exciting/mesmerising/hypnotic as we had both hoped.

Music with Changing Parts consists of one/two/three/four musical parts each related/combined/blended/morphed into ninety minutes of aural delight.

Although the four pieces are performed as a continuous whole/joined/combined/piece, each has its own flavour/section/area/variety.

Joining the ensemble on stage was musical director Michael Riesman/the London Contemporary Orchestra/30-strong children's choir/choral conductor Valerie Saint-Agathe.

The night was simply magical. Four kinds of magical. Magical/fascinating/enthralling/spellbinding.

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