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Monday, April 23, 2018

Putting On The Ritz...

Yesterday Myrtle and Dad treated Stuart and I to lunch at The Ritz. It was to celebrate (utterly belatedly) their 60th wedding anniversary and as a thank you to us for something we did for them.

And The Ritz was everything you'd expect it to be.... terribly posh, terribly formal, terribly enjoyable, terribly delicious, and terribly, terribly expensive (a small glass of champagne starting from £26, anyone?). Luckily we weren't paying!

I guess people have high expectations when going to The Ritz and I have to say, these were met. As well as the first class service the meal was packed with lots of little extras - the freshly-made bread was beautiful, the amuse-bouches gorgeous and petit fours sumptuous.

If anyone ever asks you out for lunch - just say, "The Ritz, please." You won't regret it. Even if their wallet does!

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