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Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Kim Wilde tour get blend just right - Kim engaging, voice like velvet, Ricky & boys rock place like last night on earth. Scarlett a sensation. @kimwilde @Wildericky @scarlettwilde #herecomethealiens @lawrencehmusic Codicote’s finest!

Last Saturday night my sister Joanna, brother Simon, Stuart and I went to see the beautiful Kim Wilde perform at Cliffs Pavilion in glitzy Southend.

Ostensibly to promote her new album Here Come the Aliens (which is great by the way) the set also included all the of Kim's great hits like Kids in America, Water on Glass, Cambodia, Chequered Love, You Came, View From a Bridge, You Keep Me Hangin' On, Never Trust a Stranger and the rest.

It was fantastic gig - epic, joyous, and uplifting. My feet were aching from dancing, my voice weak from singing, and heart swollen in pride. Codicote’s finest! They get the blend just right - Kim is engaging, warm, with a voice like velvet, Ricky and the boys rock the place like it was their last night on earth. And Kim's niece Scarlett was a sensation - great vocals and a songwriter too.

Claim to fame klaxon! Many years ago Kim Smith (aka Kim Wilde) came to my 5th birthday party! We are the same age and Mr & Mrs Smith (aka Marty Wilde and his wife) and my folks were friends back then.

Towards the end of the set I closed my eyes and imagined "You Came" was sung just for me. Well, a boy can dream.

Lawrence Hill was the support act and he was great. Second claim to fame klaxon! Lawrence went to school with my nephew William.

On the last train on the way back into London I was so pumped up I started dancing to "You Came" in the carriage. Stuart was rolling his eyes so far back into his head we thought we might need to call A&E.


Set List:
Stereo Shot
Water on Glass
Never Trust a Stranger
Kandy Krush
Yours 'til the End
Another Step (Closer to You)
Words Fell Down
Four Letter Word
If I Can't Have You
View From a Bridge
Chequered Love
You Came
You Keep Me Hangin' On

Pop Don't Stop
Kids in America


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