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Thursday, April 12, 2018

British Airways Avios are changing... @British_Airways

British Airways (BA) are closing down the Avios scheme and transferring it all over to their BA Executive Club scheme. It won't really affect Stu and me because we use the BA Executive Club scheme anyway.

What is more interesting however is that around the end of the year BA are hinting that they will be overhauling the whole points system entirely. Talk is that they will be expanding the BA Exec Club points scheme to have more Avios points seats available on every flight (they currently only have up to 4 economy and 2 business class ones), offer a sliding scale of how many points vs. how much money you want to pay for these seats, and give you the option to use points to upgrade your seat, pay for luggage excess, or indeed any number of other travel-related services. So basically you should be able to use Avios points like money.

Fingers crossed that means they will have *no limit* to how many Avios seats they offer on any BA flight!

It makes sense.

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