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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Sing If You're Glad To Be Gay...

Sony to launch gay record label. More Best Gay Anthems... Ever! anyone?


  1. Anonymous11:10 am

    Scuse me for interrupting as a Straight, but isn't this some sort of ghettoisation? I can see the logic for niche labels based on genre, because, presumably, they will require different A&R people, different expertise, different marketing models.

    But I reckon that quite a lot of straight people like music by (some) gay musicians, and I suspect quite a few gay people include a few Straights in their favourite music.

  2. Well, I guess there's an argument to be made for positive discrimination here... but... since when was being gay any sort of hinderence to a pop carreer? Well, OK, maybe it WAS a hinderance but these days with Marc Almond, Will Young, Pete Burns, Boy George, George Michael etc etc.

    Now IF it brings to the fore artists who are good and such happen to be gay then I guess it's just another way of getting into the biz.

    I suspect it's just another Sony marketing tool though... pink pounding us into submission.

  3. *cringe*

    and what sort of dodgy drm/rootkit/whatever will they put onto that?


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