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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

From Russia With Love...

Hi! I have found your structure and I have liked you I with hope shall wait your letter on my email or write to me the email - I shall write to you Ilya. Several years ago steel it is pleasant to me of the man. And I not that that hesitate of they be to eat any awkwardness.... I have friends but they do not know about it. And I do not want to tell him it.... Can be to me men like because I grew in family where there was no man? I do not know it. My father has died for a long time when I was small. There was only my mum and my senior sister. I do not know what reaction will be at them on that that like me guys instead of girls.... Therefore I would like to understand the feelings.



  1. I've told you before - stop advertising for houseboys in the Moscow Times!

  2. Now don't take away *all* my fun, chig.

  3. Anonymous3:11 pm

    Vodka can do that to you.

  4. Before you declare to everyone what you feel, you yourself have to figure out how true it is and whether or not this is really fleeting feelings.

  5. You might need to understand your feelings and become clearer about what is going on with you in your head. Good luck!


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