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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Quiet Night In...

I decided to have a night in last night (had to happen one day I suppose) and watched two of the worst films I think I've seen in a very long time on the big screen I've setup in my good room: The Village (I'd rather have watched the other Village People, I think) and Charlotte Gray with Cate Blanchett doing her wee accent ('oui', geddit?). Both a pile of cack. Thanks goodness Celebrity Big Brother and Desperate Housewives followed on so the evening picked up.


  1. Anonymous1:06 pm

    I am slack jawed...

    How did it feel to be at home?

  2. It felt weird. But I discovered all sorts of things I didn't know I had. A sofa. A fridge. Even a contraption that heats things up and goes 'ping'. Not sure I'll do it again though but good to try everything one, huh?

  3. Anonymous1:25 pm

    Try anything once - but not Jarhead - awful...


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