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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Lost (In Translation)...

Er... what exactly was that nonsense all about then? Twenty-five weeks I watched that show and that's how they repay me! Last night's two hour Lost finale was simply a ramshackle of over-long and over-frequent advert breaks and very slow moving plotless action. Sure the bit with the geography teacher was funny but the whole thing smacked of Oh-goody-they've-commissioned-a-second-series-so-let's-not-give-too-much-away-and-change-what-we-were-going-to-do-and-throw-in-a-couple-of-cliff-hangers. And how redundant is that French woman? Grrrr. I'm never going to watch a Disney show ever again! Grrrr.


  1. Its an ongoing show likely to run into many (producers are looking at at least 7 right now) seasons...
    Do you really want to know everything now and have nothing to look forward to?
    I prefer the "ask more questions" angle than the "give unsatisfying answers" one.

    Just wait till we get season two... you're going to be livid!

  2. yes. they were very naughty in not showing what's down the hatch. but stick with it - the first two episodes of the 2nd series explain all. (you're best off bit-torrenting it and so get to miss all the stupid adverts)


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