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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Brain Teasers...

1. 'I saw my father's daughter's daughter's only cousin's father this afternoon,' remarked Gary. 'Delightful fellow, very intelligent, and jolly looking too.' Who was this remarkable relative, and where did Gary see him?

2. Which is the only whole number which, when written out as a word, has its letters in alphabetical order?


  1. Anonymous10:24 am

    1. Gary - he was looking in the mirror.

    2. Forty

  2. Scot, you are of course 100% correct and deserve a big prize.

  3. Anonymous6:05 pm

    I say it was Bob, Gary's brother in Law via Gary's second sister Mary. Gary saw Bob in bed that morning because they are having a secret gay affair behind Mary's back.

    The statement does not limit the scope of the family other than to place a limit on the number of cousins. Gary may be childless but have a third 'unknown' sibling with a child.

  4. Well Dr. B, if that *is* your real name, I can see you have thought long and hard about this.

    The family is indeed limited to just those mentioned.

    And it's not Bob you should be worrying about. But Mary. She's a psychotic trannie.


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