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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Green Pub Quiz...

Last night Guy and I went out for some beers in The Green in Islington's glitzy Upper Street. We had a right old laugh - ended up staying all night, drinking lots, ordering some food and joining in the pub quiz. Great fun. We only got 22 out of 40 but then we were rather trashed by the end. See how you get on (no cheating and Googling it!)

01. What is the plural of mongoose?
02. How many pairs of legs does a crab have?
03. When was Shergar kidnapped? 1979, 1981 or 1983?
04. Are turtles reptiles or mammals?
05. What is a Rhode Island Red?
06. What are animals with hooves called? Cloven, ungulate or bovine?
07. Which hemisphere has most of Africa's land mass?
08. Two principalities in Europe are smaller than New York's Central Park. Monaco is one. What's the other?
09. Who said British and Americans are two nations divided by a common language?
10. What can't you make a silk purse out of?
11. What is a sousaphone?
12. What note comes after 'me'?
13. Who won Best Performance by a Vocal Group at the 1966 Grammy Awards? The Beatles, The Rolling Stones or the Anita Kerr Singers?
14. Where is the House Of The Rising Sun?
15. Name three of the Von Trapp children
16. When a certain Michael Douglas went to Hollywood he had to change his name because there was already a Michael Douglas there. What did he change it to?
17. Who said after a bad review, "I cried all the way to the bank"?
18. All About Eve was nominated for fourteen Oscars. Which other film equaled that feat?
19. Which films tag line was "All Women Keep Score... Only The Great Ones Put It In Writing"?
20. How long did it takes the three Wise Men to get to Jesus? 6 days, 12 days or 14 days?
21. How many bones are there in the human body? 206 or 260?
22. How many hairs are there on the average human head? 100,000, 500,000 or 1,000,000?
23. What is another name for German Measles?
24. How much does the average man sweat in a day? Two and a half ounces, two and a half pints or two and a half quarts?
25. What does analgesic mean?
26. What percentage of the human brain is water? 75%, 80% or 85%?
27. The largest four planets in our solar system all have rings. True or false?
28. What was Babbage the 'father' of?
29. What do you get when you mix Fe, H2O and O2?
30. In Genesis what was blessed first by God; the birds and sea creatures, cattle and creeping things or man?
31. What is the French phrase for "deadly woman"?
32. How many balls are there on a pool table at start of play? 10, 15 or 16?
33. Name three of the Seven Deadly Sins?
34. What is an essential ingredient of a Florentine dish?
35. Immanuel Kant... doctor, philosopher or architect?
36. How do you spell it... pnenomia or phenomia?
37. What is pogonophobia a fear of: hair-dressers, beards or shampoo?
38. What does every month have if the first day falls on a Sunday?
39. Where was ice-cream invented: Greece, Italy or China?
40. According to George Bernard Shaw what is youth wasted on?


  1. Anonymous5:02 pm

    Nineteen seems rather pathetic - and everyone knows at least 3 von Trapps: Hans, Nies and Bumpsa Daisy.

    - i.
    (not the only person to receive a frantic txt msg saying 'Quick! What's a Rhode Island Red??')

  2. So come next Tuesday!

  3. mongooses
    no idea
    a sow's ear
    a brass instrument?
    Anita Kerr Singers probably
    Maria and some others
    ? (they get harder, don't they!)
    12 days
    two and a half pints? is that lots??
    pain killer
    birds & sea creatures
    femme fatale
    sloth, wrath, envy
    fear of beards
    China (they invented everything, surely!)
    the young.

    do i win a prize?? ;-)

  4. PJ you got 22/40. Well done!


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