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Friday, September 30, 2005

Week 26 Inside The Big Mother House...

Sarah-Jane is getting enormous. There are just eight weeks to go and the triplets are getting ready for their last spurt of growth; kicking and jostling for position it can't be easy to carry all that weight around morning, noon and night. But not a born complainer, Sarah-Jane just gets on with it. Heavily pregnant she cooked me dinner not letting me lift a finger as we chatted and nattered like we always do; listening to each others joys and woes, dishing out sage words when it seemed appropriate and just enjoying each others company. It was a lovely night. I love Sarah-Jane to bits. We've always worked well like that though. We just get on.

Ben is in South Africa at the moment doing a bunch of gigs so I just thought it would be nice to go and keep Sarah-Jane company. When the evening was spent I curled up under the duvet with cat #2 and felt a real part of their family. A family which is soon to explode with three times the screaming, three times the nappies and three times the chaos. Let the fun begin. I'm looking forward to it.

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