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Thursday, September 22, 2005

The George and Dragon Public House at the ICA...

Last night David, Ian and I went to a rather unusual version of one of our regular watering holes: The George and Dragon in Hackney Road has been rather lovingly transposed into the ICA. This is not a recreation but an abstraction and translation of the elements that define the G + D experience, it says here.

The popular East End boozer is displayed as part of the exhibition London in Six Easy Steps. These exhibitions attempt to examine London as it is today, to make sense of how the city’s social and political imperatives condition the production, presentation and interpretation of art.

All well and good - but it worked for us. After a casual glance round we three parked ourselves at the bar, ordered beers and started gossiping and chewing over the days news as if we had just walked into the G + D itself. We soon forgot we were in an art installation.

So a success then.

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