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Monday, September 19, 2005

Ooh LA LA...

Last week I went see two films both with very different takes on life in Los Angeles.

On it's crudest level Me & You & Everyone We Know is about sex. Sex & relationships. Sex & relationships & the strange things people do. Albeit the more conventional contact between a man & a woman struggling to date, two teenagers desperate to have their first sexual experience or the more comical chat-room meeting between unsuspecting strangers. And no, I didn't know what 'back & forth' was either! Recommended.

Crash is an intelligently written ensemble piece exploring racism in present day LA. Slick, pacy & compelling it's message was clear - we all have the propensity to be racist, self-racist etc. It's how we act on these base feelings that define us. Oh, & it's very funny. Highly recommended.

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