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Friday, September 09, 2005

Back in the UK now lying on an inflatable bed in Chelmsford at 2:30am...

Back in the UK now lying on an inflatable bed in Chelmsford at 2:30am. The way you do. Michael & Andrew are kindly putting me up as my flying sedatives mean I can't drive for another four hours. Our last night & day in Ibiza didn't fail to disappoint. We had a lovely meal in the old town, a last drink at Angelo's & a last shake of our collective tail feathers at Anfora's. And big up to Jose, Donald & Andrew for making my last night especially special. The last day on the beach to top up the tan was followed by a farewell sangria at the Cenit. Natch. Then a dash back to the hotel for a quick shower before dropping off the hire cars and a take-off to landing diazepam induced snooze on the 23:50 red eye back to 'London' Stansted. And nice to be back it is. Chillax quotient: Low. Three glasses of wine, tequila shots, eight beers last night, two glasses of sangria today. Large bottle of water. Three cigarettes. One stressful flight home. 10mg diazepam for said flight. Four hours sleep last night. Two hours sleep on the plane.

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