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Friday, September 16, 2005

One Hour Later Tube Proposal - Consultation Results Available...

Just got this from TfL.

Earlier this year we conducted a public consultation on the proposal to change the operating hours of the Tube at weekends. We proposed to run trains an hour later, meaning that last trains would depart from the West End on Friday and Saturday nights at around 1.30am and first trains would arrive at Central London stations at around 7am on Saturdays and 8:30am on Sundays. We have now published the consultation results. A record number of responses (around 54,000) were received and we are now in the process of considering all the issues raised. A decision on how to proceed in the light of them will be made later in the year. The full consultation report and executive summary can now be found on the TfL website
If you have any questions or would like hard copies of the report or executive summary in alternative languages or formats please email us at onehourlater@tfl.gov.uk or ring 020 7941 3920.
Yours sincerely
Mike Bartram
Head of TfL Consultation

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