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Monday, September 05, 2005

Sleep did the trick. I left the apartment for the first time in 48 hours last night to meet the boys for a beer and felt almost normal. Later on I had dinner with Martin & Richard, met the boys again at JJ's before we headed to Angelo's for a pre club beer as per normal. After that we walked round the port to Scandals at Penelope's. Penelope's is a club straight out of the early 1980's with heaps of chrome, sharply angled black d├ęcor & subdued lighting. Think The Stud. Think The Bitch. Think Basic Instinct. All it needed was Jackie Collins. Not a place we'll be rushing back to.
Today we were up at noon again for a much missed trip to the beach. It was a little cloudy but still very hot. Needless to say I slightly overdid it. Tonight I'm out for dinner with Andy, Kevin, Neil & Ian before joining the others at Angelo's prior to Alforno for the Black Out party. Back in the saddle then.
Chillax quotient: Medium. Five beers. One bottle of water. Two cigarettes. Five hours sleep.

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