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Sunday, September 04, 2005

I'm feeling ill again today so staying in bed with the curtains closed. Still bunged up & sore throat so more sleep has got to help, right?
Chillax quotient: Very high. No beers. Four litres of water. 4 doses of odd red Spanish powder remedy. 12 aspirin. No cigarettes. 36 hours sleep on & off.

Note to self #1: Hotel minibars are not only expensive & poorly stocked but contain very little by way of nutritional value.

Note to self #2: Gone In 60 Seconds in Spanish is slightly better than Gone In 60 Seconds in English in that you don't have to even pretend to follow that terrible dialogue.

Note to self #3: (But I already knew this) Andy Ruffett is a complete star. He's been checking up on me & air-dropping in some much needed supplies (I was out of water & food).

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