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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Alforo (spelled it right this time) last night was fab. Even the stripper seemed good! All the gang were there i.e. Andy, Kevin, Andy, Tim, Andrew, Michael, Stuart, Gary, Hendrik, Paul, Dirk, Andreas, Fred, Tony etc etc. I had a bit of an odd nobody-loves-me moment at one point & went home for a little 20 minute cry (it's the most weird things that can set you off) but bounced back and danced till dawn. Had a fabulous day on the beach & we watched the sunset with sangria in hand at the Cenit pool. Lovely.
Personnel Update: Martin & Richard have left. Neil leaves tonight. Kevin joined us at the weekend. Richard leaves tomorrow first thing.
Chillax quotient: High. Six beers, two glasses of sangria. Half bottle of water. One cigarette. Four hours sleep.

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