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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Pop Quiz...

Last night David and I went to the Retro Bar Retroteasers Pop Quiz for the first time in simply ages. It was good fun just the two of us perched at the bar surrounded by faces old and new, reminiscing about the good old days when Pop Quiz was a weekly event for us both. Sadly our other partner in crime, Darren, couldn't join us as he was applying liberal amounts of sticky tape and glitter to his new cinema in Greenwich. (Good luck on your big opening by the way, Darren!)

The quiz had the theme of animals owing to the fact that this coming Sunday is Gay Day at London Zoo.

Every answer was an animal. There was £80 in the kitty (pun intended) and we did really well. The winners got 20/20 (Damn there eyes!) but we came a close second. Well, we got 19/20. Which sort of meant we came second. Well, when I say second... strictly speaking we got a score that equaled the second highest score. Because *loads* of people got 19/20. It was dead easy quiz you see. Which as we both agreed are actually the most fun. It appeals to the know-it-all in us both. Enough of my rambling though. On with the quiz.

In each case I just want the animal from the clue.

01. Pour Some Sugar On Me - Def ...
02. Hot Topic - Le ...
03. Iron, ..., Zion - Bob Marley
04. ... - Fleetwood Mac
05. ... - Manfred Mann
06. Rockin' ... - Jackson 5
07. White Stripes album
08. Chart topping single Dare - ...
09. Super ... - Lee Scratch Perry
10. The Funky ... - The Goodies
11. Three sea animals mentioned in Rock Lobster by the B-52s
12. Three more sea animals mentioned in Rock Lobster by the B-52s
13. Money - The Flying ...
14. Fool For Your Lovin' - White...
15. Can You Dig It? - Mock ...
16. Axel F - Crazy ...
17. She Said - Long ...
18. Cool For ... - Squeeze
19. I Wanna Be Your ... - Iggy Pop
20. Bright Eyes - Art Garfunkel

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