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Monday, June 21, 2004

Wig Out...
It was Spencer's birthday yesterday (Happy Birthday, Spencer!) so on Saturday afternoon/evening/night I hitched on to his drinks-with-friends posse and bar hopped and disco danced the night away. For some reason Drew and I ended up doing a slight more extensive bar crawl that the others that took in Comptons, The Box, The Friendly Society, The Retro Bar, Comptons (again) and Bar Code. Somewhere along the way we fell into McDonald's in Shaftsbury Avenue and over indulged on their two-for-one Big Mac offer. With a belly full of beer and a gut full of burger we wheeled ourselves over to Wig Out at the Ghetto at 11pm to dance it all off. Wig Out plays what only I can describe as 'wedding music' in that disco/pop/trash mode. Fun night. Thanks, guys.

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