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Thursday, June 24, 2004

Frasier: The Last Two Episodes...
(beware: plot spoilers)
There were lots of laughs in last night's Frasier final(e) double episode. Highlights included:-
- Frasier's vulturesque agent Bebe making a very welcome last reappearance
- Daphne's two other thieving drunken brothers Michael and Stephen (cameos played by Robbie Coltrane & Richard E. Grant) turning up with that drunken twat Simon
- best line was by Ronnie when Frasier and Niles step in at the last minute with an offer to organise Marty and Ronnie's wedding: "leave it to the Duke and Duchess to save our behinds". Frasier and Niles look at each other and say in unison pointing at each other, "You're the Duchess!"
- a marriage, a birthday and a birth all at the same vet
- an unexpected promotion (and snog)
- and a change of scene (and chair)

I'll miss it. It's been a great 11 years. Goodnight Seattle, we love you!

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