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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

I Can Think Of Worse Places To Work...
This last weekend I was working. Working in sunny Sitges near Barcelona that is! Poor me, huh? Well, I was working until 1:30am in the morning... but then again it wasn't really worth going out to the bars before then anyway! By Sunday morning and on very little sleep all the jobs I'd been commissioned to do were finished: those pesky Trojans were consigned back to... er... Troy (Windows 98 Spanish Edition? What's that all about?), the 802.11g Wi-Fi hotspot was radiating away and fully functioning in all it's 54Mb/s glory and the new Windows XP Professional installation (including a gazillion updates) was all done too. So pleased was my host I've been invited back. But he's promised that I won't need to even look at a computer next time. Yeah, right!!

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