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Thursday, June 17, 2004

Big Brother 5: Fight Night!..
Tempers erupted in the Big Brother House last night - leaving the place in a state of chaos. Victor and Emma were separated by security, and Jason and Marco and Vanessa and Nadia all went head to head.

The animosity between Emma and Victor exploded when, during a playful food fight, Emma's volume control went haywire. Incensed by her screeching Victor lost it, big time. A food fight escalated into tray-throwing, Emma first, Victor retaliating, before the two had to be dragged apart screaming insults and threats at each other.

'Do you know who I am?' Victor bellowed repeatedly.

'I'll f***ing kill you,' screamed Emma, before being dragged away by Dan.

She failed to calm down enough to remain in the House, so Big Brother asked her to return to the Bedsit.

Previously another row had erupted between Jason and Marco. Marco's delight at the return of his bestest allies Emma and Michelle spilled over into a dance of 'disrespect'. At least that's how Jay saw it.

Jay started blustering around telling anyone who'd listen, and there weren't many volunteers, that the mess from the earlier food fight would have to be cleared up. When Marco performed a loud and camp jig in his face, the burly Scot exploded and shouted at the law student.

'How dare you intimidate me!' squealed Marco, choosing not to call Jay 'Darling' in this instance.

'You dance like that again, and I'll take your f***king head off,' came the muscle-bound reply.

With Jason pumped and ready for trouble Nadia and Emma stepped between him and Marco to protect him. Marco giggled at the back, but Jason was deadly serious.

While Dan and Stuart attempted to keep the peace Vanessa started shouting at Nadia.

Then, for the first time in Big Brother history, security entered the House to restore order.

With Emma safely ensconced in the Bedsit the other members of the House scattered themselves about the place as they all tried to calm down.

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