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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Anne Pigalle...
Tonight Anne Pigalle is doing a gig on Battersea Barge on the southside of the Thames between Vauxhall and Chelsea bridges. Do you remember her? She was a stablemate of Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Propaganda and The Art Of Noise on Trevor Horn's ZTT label back in the 80s.

I first saw her 19 years ago at a showcase that ZTT did at the Ambassador's Theatre which is actually also where I first saw Propaganda along with Instinct and avante-garde composer Andrew Poppy (his song The Object Is A Hungry Wolf was used as the title music for the last series of The Tube). Art Of Noise was at that showcase too but sadly no Frankie.... It didn't stop me going back again and again though.

Anne Pigalle's first single called Hé Stranger was a typically luscious Horn production that still sounds good today. Pigalle hasn't stopped performing since those early days and occasionally pops up to do a gig - the music being that same Gallic flavoured mixture of electronic and ballads she did way back when.
[Thanks to Hanko for the heads up]

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