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Thursday, June 10, 2004

Local Elections: Steve or Ken?...
It's the London mayoral elections today: a two horse race really between Steve Norris and Ken Livingstone. I know who I'll be voting for. But do you?

Their manifesto key points:

Steve Norris, Conservative
Hundreds of police officers should be out on the streets rather than in offices or cars
"Zero tolerance" for minor crimes like graffiti, vandalism and public drunkenness
More police officers for outer London
Abolish congestion charge
Introduce free school buses for children at primary schools
Run the Tube until 3am at weekends, put air conditioning into stations and provide security guards at night

Ken Livingstone, Labour
Police teams of six officers for each neighbourhood
Extend congestion charge to Kensington & Chelsea.
Run the Tube later every Friday and Saturday night
More buses; free bus travel for full time students aged under 18
30,000 new homes a year
Aim to push forward Labour policy on childcare, seeking to provide affordable childcare to all who want it by 2010.

Oh, and just in case you really cared...

Julian Leppert, British National Party
Scrap the congestion charge
Make sure London "No longer welcomes economic migrants"
Two new orbital rail services
Scrap the 2012 Olympic bid
No Heathrow airport extension - build a new airport in the Thames estuary instead
All public buildings to fly flag of St George on St George's day

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