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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Lypsinka! - The Boxed Set...
Part of Morrissey's Meldown 2004 sees Lypsinka!, the New York drag queen, bring her Lypsinka! - The Boxed Set to the Queen Elizabeth Hall this Thursday at 8pm. We've seen her a few times before and it's a very funny show. So a few weeks ago I bought three tickets for Mark, Paul and myself - ONLY NOW WE CAN'T GO! It's England vs Portugal in the Euro 2004 semi-final quarter-final (thanks for pointing out my 'deliberate mistake', Dave) that night! Arg!

So if you would like to take three tickets (F35-37) off my hands let me know ASAP (cover price £20 each but I'll let you have them for half that). Otherwise I'll have to try and get a refund. Posh venues like the QEH do that, right? 48 hours in advance or something? Or am I just wishful thinking?

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