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Friday, June 25, 2004

Euro 2004: Knife Edge...
After full-time of extra time it was England 2 Portugal 2. So England's fate was to be decided by a penalty shoot-out as the referee blew his whistle to bring a thrilling encounter to a close.
Portugal 0-0 England: Beckham misses
Portugal 1-0 England: Deco scores
Portugal 1-1 England: Owen scores
Portugal 2-1 England: Simao scores
Portugal 2-2 England: Lampard scores
Portugal 2-2 England: Rui Costa misses
Portugal 2-3 England: Terry scores
Portugal 3-3 England: Ronaldo scores
Portugal 3-4 England: Hargreaves scores
Portugal 4-4 England: Maniche scores
Portugal 4-5 England: Cole scores
Portugal 5-5 England: Postiga scores
Portugal 5-5 England: Vassell misses
Portugal 6-5 England: Ricardo scores
England were out. We were stunned. Beckham blames himself.

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