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Friday, March 05, 2004

When TV shows collide: Celebrity Fit Club vs. Footballer$ Wives...
Being a recent convert to the oh so trashy Footballer$ Wives on ITV1 it's been fun to catch up with all the bonking and bitchiness and thinking what a laugh the writers, cast and production crew must have had making it. It's a sort of Dynasty meets Carry On film meets tabloid football melodrama. One of the funniest story lines currently running is new wife Tanya Laslett (played by Zoe Lucker) trying to kill off dicky-hearted ex-club chairman Frank Laslett (played by John Forgeham) with sex to inherit his cash and be free of him. Will she succeed in shagging him to death, the evil minx?

The other show I love watching at the moment is Celebrity Fit Club - the B-list dieting show - which stars our own, our very own Amy Lame as the gobby lesbian who wants to shift a stone or three. Along side Amy are seven other fatties who also would like to slim down (and get a bit of TV exposure at the same time). The eight are split into two teams of four and they try and out do each other by losing the most weight each week. And surprise, surprise who do you think is on Amy's opposing team (in so many ways)? Why, it's John Forgeham, the actor from Footballer$ Wives!

Well, Tuesday's Celebrity Fit Club episode was a peach: Amy and John fell out over a little bitchiness in the gym. But John's reaction to this was incredible. He went absolutely bonkers at Amy; there was swearing and threats to walk off the show and tantrums and drama and shouting and bullying and more swearing and fingers in the ears and sexism and homophobia and more swearing and at times it was actually unpleasant to watch. I'd rarely seen such unwarranted bile on the screen; all directed at our poor little Amy. Great TV though, albeit a little uncomfortable to watch at times.

So we hate John Forgeham now. And when we were watching Footballer$ Wives the following night and Tanya was shagging John's character Frank to try and kill him we were actually cheering her on! Go girl! Kill the bastard!

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