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Tuesday, March 02, 2004

The Art Of Ligging...
For the past week we've had my friend Jason to stay with us; and it's been fantastic. I've known Jason for about 18 years and he lives in Barcelona. Last time he came to Britain was 6 years ago - and a lot has changed here. But he hasn't. Jason is a ligger par excellence. To explain: Friday night we went on a bar crawl in Soho to limber up (more of that later) and then went to Popstarz at The Scala for a bit of a bop and boogie; there we waltzed to the front of the queue, Jason did the chat, got in free, got all our drinks for free and put our coats behind the DJ booth. On Saturday night after going to Duckie (more of that later) we went on to Wig Out at The Ghetto, waltzed to the front of the queue again, Jason did the chat again, got in free again, got all our drinks for free again and put our coats behind the DJ booth (you've guessed it) again. So two big nights out - paying exactly zero. Naturally I rode the coat tails of Jason both night - after all he's the man with the gift of the gabble. I've learned his gabble is usually honey talk but occasionally it can be coercion. An example: well after the bar had closed at Wig Out he came up with this line to one of the bar staff, "Don't make me ask Simon (the owner) to get me a drink. We wouldn't want that now would we?" More drinks magically appeared. If I hadn't been wankered I'd have been embarrassed - but I was, so I wasn't. It'll be sorry to see him go today.

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