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Monday, March 29, 2004

Time Keeps On Slipping, Slipping, Slipping; Into The Future...
Yesterday the clocks went forward by an hour. So we all lost one hour's sleep. Well some of you did. Not me, I lost many more than that. For I was working. Helping a friend out. And what time did I have to get up to do this favour? 5:30am (that's 4:30am only money). Well before any cocks started crowing.

At 6am I was perched at the top of a 60ft ladder in Brewer Street in the middle of fashionable Soho attaching cables to the outside of the Prowler Soho store freezing my nuts off - perhaps you late clubbers may have seen me - yawning above the awning. By 8am I was atop a step ladder in Prowler's, rather sweetly named, 'blue area' fixing Cat5e sockets to the wall - having a yawn amongst the porn. By 10am I was up in their office on the 2nd floor drilling through window frames - I popped a couple Pro Plus as by this point my yawning was getting so frequent as to be distracting. By 11am we were done (yay, Pro Plus!). Or where we? No, there was still another store to do. So at midday we were at Kings Cross Prowler, tools in hand. By 1pm we were banging and crashing and pinning and screwing and bolting like two well oiled banging-crashing-pinning-screwing-bolting machines. Fuelled by more Pro Plus at 3pm we were completely done. Complete done-in more like.

Time enough to get home and a bit of R&R before welcoming Marky home from his travels in Berlin later that day. He had a wail of a time which I was really pleased (but by that point oh so tired) to hear about. Hopefully I'll be more awake to hear more tonight.

(BTW for those of you not too tired to read any further: everything you always wanted to know about British Summer Time but were afraid to ask)

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