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Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Pop Quiz...
Last night Darren, Blake (where does Darren get all these cute work colleagues from?) and I ventured into the night to join the merry throng at the Retro Bar for the weekly Popteasers Quiz. The Retro Bar is undergoing a refit at the moment (i.e. they're painting the walls red again) and Wendy, the electric landlady, kindly gave Mark and I invitations / freebie drinks tickets for this Saturday night's Facelift launch party.

It was to be an 80s quiz and a cheer went up as this was announced. Everyone was going to get a very high score. We all knew it. But wait; the quiz had been set by Wendy who openly admits to knowing nothing about the 80s and so was relying very heavily on the Guiness Book Of Hit Singles. This could be sink or swim quiz then. And as it turned out it was 'sink'. The winners got just fifteen points (and won the cash - again) and we 'came second' with twelve points. Dismal.

See how you get on:

01. His first three hits all went top ten. One of them was Cars. What were the other two? (one was as a band)
02. When was Cars first a hit in the UK? (slight trick question)
03. How high did Freez's IOU get in the UK charts?
04. What was the year Freez's IOU was a hit?
05. What is the twelve word chorus to the Thompson Twins's We Are Detective?
06. What was the year the Thompson Twins's We Are Detective was a hit?
07. Name the three members of the Thompson Twins.
08. Name the original three members of Bronski Beat.
09. Who had a hit with Sleepwalk?
10. What year was Sleepwalk a hit?
11. Was Sleepwalk this band's first top twenty single?
12. Who had a hit with Dreaming Of Me?
13. What year was Dreaming Of Me a hit?
14. Was Dreaming Of Me this band's first top twenty single?
15. How many top ten hits have Simple Minds had to date?
16. Which electro band had a track Ricky's Hand?
17. Who had a track called White Car In Germany?
18. Who had a track called Underpass?
19. Who nationality were the band that had a hit with Dr. Mabuse?
20. What's the artist's name that had a hit with From Here To Eternity? (slight trick question)

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