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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Take Your Mama...
It's been a busy time here at overyourhead lately throwing myself into London life. Going to Wig Out for the first time a few weeks back, Popstarz for the first time in ages a couple of weeks ago and last Saturday's adventure was to go to Shinky Shonky at Pitch (the newly rechristened Flip).

Shinky Shonky having been described in glowing terms as, "the ultimate in off-the-wall, off-your-face and off-this-planet quirkiness and pure unadulterated mindless mayhem" I was expecting a fun night out. And indeed my expectations were almost met.

True, Boogaloo Stu was a wacky host; the music was de rigueur trendy-disco-pop-'the Cathy Dennis Collection'-trash; the live stage act was an amusing mix of slapstick and cheese; the jellybeans, naughty-botty badges and Hula Hoops were a nice touch: but it wasn't quite the "Tiswas on magic mushrooms" I had been promised. The venue was just a bit too cramped, the music wasn't quite quirky enough for my taste and the night smacked a bit of college-disco.com (if there is such a thing).

I guess I've been spoilt with Duckie and end up comparing everywhere to that now. Fool that I am.

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