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Thursday, March 25, 2004

Kiki and Herb...
Stephen, David, Pano and I went to see Kiki and Herb perform an 'exclusive' one-off gig at Tutu's Bar in King's College Student's Union last night. On stage for over an hour the musical mayhem and rants were as spot on as ever. Talking Heads, Bonnie Tyler, Britney Spears, Kelis, Mystique, Eminem all got the treatment - all mixed in with the usual gut-wrenching angst and glib side swipes.

Careering through some of the medleys like a brakeless go-kart down a very steep hill Kiki would sometimes go all wobbly (both vocally and physically) and swerve out of control into a new direction. Playing the drunk to a tee she fell over twice. She would perhaps genuinely forget some of the words to a song but the ensuing banter between the performers just made it all the more funny and kept the momentum going. The encores were fab of course, but eventually the four wheels of this particular go-kart all fell off with a crash and they were gone. A great, great night.

(Note to KCL Tutu's Bar manager: your bar is too fucking cold! We were freezing. We had to keep our jackets on even when dancing. Cheap beer though!)

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