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Thursday, November 22, 2001

Second Great Transatlantic Gay(ish)BlogMeet (reannouced)...
Oyez! Oyez! Oyez! 'Twas Two Months ago that Full Advanced Warning 'Twas Given for Diaries, Secretaries and Booking Personnel.

A Call 'Twas Made for Ye Bloggers, Ye Scallywags and Ruffians too. We wished to Come One, Come All to Celebrate with Thine own Friends the Second Great Transatlantic Gay(ish)BlogMeet.

A Repeat of this Fayre Offer is now Made as Minds can wander and Plans they are Made. So Be Reminded, Be Prompted. Be There.

So Do Come. Sup a Cup of Mead or Ale at the Fair Bosom of You Goodly Chums, Mates and Foes. Other Wenches, Rogues and Vagabonds also at the Hostelry may to good to Thine Eyes also.

And the Reason for this Meet? Why 'Tis to bid a Fond Welcome to Mister Dan Rhatigan of New York. His Fantastical Locations on The Modern Internet are Ultrasparky and Rumpus Room. Mister Rhatigan is currenly journeying to the Freezing Waste Lands of the Shire of Lancaster. I have it on Good Authority that they have Rainbows in Black and White up there. Upon my last Visit to the North - it was Closed. So Mr Rhatigan will need Good Cheer from Hearty Fellows and Goodly Chaps.

If thee not be Gay in Life then be at least Gay of Heart and Mind instead but Come and Rejoice with Us too For we Welcome All. We do Not Byte.

Time and Date:
From 7:30pm onwards
Saturday 24th November 2001 (Yes, by my long-johns, 'tis a Saturday!)

Upstairs @ The Retro Bar (the tunes be soothing to the Ears as 'tis Swivel)
2 George Court (just off the Strand)

Ladies: Informal (but Not So Provoking as to Distract the Good Lady Barkeep, Wendy)
Gentlemen: Informal (but Spandex and Lycra are Forbidden Fabrics)

Carriages at 11 sharp (but there be Bar Code for the Drunkards)

Questions, quizings and qualifications to Mister Jonathan Green located oft Times at http://www.overyourhead.co.uk

Please Reprint and Repost and Forward and Display Above as and where Necessary.

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