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Tuesday, November 13, 2001

Is Seth Eff-reek-a a racist country...?
I asked our chatty barman on the ferry (who was black) whether he considered Seth Eff-reek-a a racist country. He smiled, rolled his eyes and said, "most definitely, yes". He then related story after story about where is was, and wasn't allowed to go; what he could and couldn't do just because he was black - even in such a 'liberal' place as Knysna. I was astounded at some of his stories, all of which he assured me where true. Having heard his tales I'd certainly want to avoid some of the Northern areas of Seth Eff-reek-a that's for sure.

Walking away from the ferry boat and back to our hotel we got talking to an English couple from Yorkshire (not the most liberal part of the UK let me tell you) and they were telling us about how embarrassed they had been with all the explicit racism they had seen and heard since they had come to Seth Eff-reek-a the previous week. From our limited (three days) experience we could only but agree. Many (but not all) of the white people that we have meet here so far are fine at first but after a drink or two has loosened their tongues we have got to hear some of the most snide, pernicious clap-trap imaginable. Please note: I am not, repeat NOT, saying all or indeed most white SA people are racists, we have meet some lovely liberal anti-racist/non-racist people here but in general we've found the attitude to be at best 'us and them' and at worst out right racist. Depressing - but it's what we've found.

Now tell me I'm wrong. Tell me we've been unlucky and met the wrong people. Tell me I've got it all wrong. Please.

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