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Wednesday, November 14, 2001

He flies through the air with the greatest of ease...
Yesterday's quad-biking was simply fantastic. Although we were only doing 30-40 k/hr it seemed a lot faster as we were quite near the ground. The Knysna Forest provided a wonderful backdrop and the trails were all suitably steep/rough/wet/dangerous to make for a sustained two and a half hour adrenaline rush. We were with a group of three others and we all took to it very quickly. We went charging up and down the forests weaving in and out of the trees. Speeding over bumps we even managed to get all four wheels off the ground. However, soon we got a bit too confident and the inevitable happened. Racing down one particularly steep track proved Mark's undoing. His brakes had become clogged with dirt and dust and just failed. He lost control of his bike and careered into a deep ditch. The bike stopped dead but he carried on moving - flying through the air. Luckily he missed a tree (which could have proved fatal) and landed on his head. He was very badly bruised all round his neck but thankfully felt well enough to continue the journey- at a much slower pace! Now we know why we had to sign waiver forms at the start.

Later that night we ate a hearty meal on the waterfront ordering the most expensive wine on the menu (87 rand which is about 6 pounds). To his glee Mark discovered what must be the last remaining Addams Family pinball machine. He played, hugged it and lay across it while I took pictures. Soon we attracted the attentions of a guy, called Eugene, who seemed to adopt us (well, me) for the night. We played pool (he paid) and drank beer (we both paid) until I could barely stand. Mark had been adopted by a couple of Belgian girls who seemed rather disappointed when he told them we were on our NotAHoneymoon together.

We crawled home at 11pm full of plans for the next day.

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