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Thursday, November 01, 2001

I've just booked some tickets to go and see Marc Almond at the Union Chapel just before Christmas. He did a simply superb show last year - that will be out on CD next spring - so I'm really keen to see him again. The Union Chapel is a great venue made all the better for being five minutes walk from where we live.

I was less than impressed by the fees charged by TicketMaster. Each ticket is £18-50 - fair, enough. The booking fee is £2-00 - seems a bit steep to me but there you go. The postage and packing is £4-50 though! If it doesn't turn up in a Securicor van with four armed guards I'll want to know why. Not only that but as I was booking tickets for two gigs on successive nights I was charged the delivery charge twice. That's £9 to get my tickets from a venue 300 yards away from my front door. Outrageous!

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