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Wednesday, November 07, 2001

Last Night's Pop Quiz...
We had four bloggers in our team last night. David, Iain, Ian and myself. It was a bit of a wanky quiz that consisted of just cover versions – we had to spot whether the song played was a cover or the original version and also answer another question related to the song. These are the song they played (apologies for bad spelling it's been a tough day) . How many can you get right?

1. Billy Bragg - New England: original or cover?
2. Alan Price - I Put A Spell On You: original or cover? Who covered it in 1999?
3. You’re My World – Cilla Black: : original or cover? What’s Cilla Black’s full name (including the two middle names for a bonus point)?
4. This Is My Moment – Martine McCutcheon: original or cover?
5. Torn – Edna Swap: : original or cover? Who had the big hit with it?
6. Hey hey (kiss him goodbye) – Bananarama: original or cover? What year was Bananarama’s hit?
7. Always Can, Always will – Ace Of Base: original or cover? What is their country of origin?
8. Who Let The Dogs Out? – The Baha Men: : original or cover?
9. My Sweet Lord sung to the lyrics of He’s So Fine: name the two bands?
10. Sunshine After The Rain – Elkie Brooks: : original or cover? Name the album it came from?
11. The Shoop-Shoop Song – Linda Lewis: original or cover? Name the film that Cher promoted using this song?
12. Heaven For Everyone – Queen: original or cover?
13. Gloria – Jonathan King: original or cover?
14. Spot the connection between ‘How Deep Is You Love?’, ‘It Only Takes A Minute’ and ‘Relight My Fire’?
15. Spot the odd one out between ‘How Deep Is You Love?’, ‘It Only Takes A Minute’ and ‘Relight My Fire’?
16. Brandy (sung to the tune of ‘Mandy’) - Scott English: original or cover?
17. You Showed Me – The Byrds: original or cover? Who had a hit with it recently?
18. I’ve Never Been To Me – Marti Caine: original or cover? (Quote of the night: Yes, she is dead, she was ginger”)
19. Mama Told Me Not To Come – Three Dog Night: original or cover? Who dueted with Tom Jones in a recent cover?
20. It’s A Sin sung to the lyrics of Wild World: name the two bands?

We got sixteen right. The winners got seventeen and a half but only won vodka shots as a reward. Ha!

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