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Thursday, November 01, 2001

Last Night In Sodom...
Soft Cell played to a near capacity crowd last night at Brixton’s Academy. The mood of the crowd was good and when the show started at 9pm the place erupted. Marc looked like a man in command of his audience from the start. He strode around the stage in his Soft Cell persona of Handsome Jack, deliverer of barbed stories of Hell, torment and the low, low life. There was not too much in the way of the banter we’ve come to know and love from his solo shows. However he made a few jokes about, “I see you’ve dressed up as it’s Hallowe’en” – his fans always dress like that! And when introducing “Say Hello, Wave Goodbye” he said, “And now that David Gray song…”

The full set listing was similar to the two Ocean gigs but with one extra song:-
Divided Soul
Last Chance
The Best Way To Kill
The Art Of Falling Apart
Somebody Somewhere Sometime
God Shaped Hole (It was the first time I had heard this – and I love it!)
Tainted Love / Where Did Our Love Go?
(1st encore)
Say Hello, Wave Goodbye
(2nd encore)
Sex Dwarf

In a few places Marc seemed to forget the words which prompted some of us afterwards to speculate whether he was back on the drugs. Let’s hope so. In some ways it was his creative muse.

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