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Wednesday, November 14, 2001

Apes and elephants...
We woke early and headed off for breakfast at the gay-friendly Can-de-light bistro in Main Street. It looked too like Robin's Nest to be true. I half expected Robin Tripp to come out from behind the counter. Sandy, the owner, gave us tips about where the 'trendy' people went to drink (winking at us knowingly). I really don't know what she thought she was implying. :)

By noon we had arrived at our first destination of the day, Monkeyland. A twelve hectare sanctuary crammed full of lemmas, monkeys and other primates. It was less than impressive really. The problem with 'natural habitat' places is you don't get to be up close and personal with the animals. We enjoyed it though. Even if it was just so we could say "cheeky monkey" every couple of minutes.

After that we went to 'Old Nicks' for lunch and a look at the arts and crafts on sale. None of it was indigenous to South Africa as far as I could tell. It all looked as if it was from much further north. IKEA maybe. It had that 'the Women Institute does Africa' feel about it. Lots of throw rugs and wine racks - not exactly the stuff that you'd need on safari in the bush.

Lunch over it started to rain. Unsurprising I guess as the greenery around us had to be sustained by a temperate climate.

We headed off to what was the high light of the day. The Knysna Elephant Sanctuary. They had three elephant that we fed and stroked and patted and hugged. All rather lovely. The elephants had all been rescued from being culled at a larger game reserve further north. It was nice to see them in such a huge area (120 hectares) free to roam about and generally get up to the mischief that elephants do when permitted.

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