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Tuesday, November 13, 2001

Well hung...
I'd like to say we got up early - but as we'd downed most of Seth Eff-reek-a's finest vino the night before we were a little hung. Well to be honest I was a little hung. Mark seemed full of beans and with his lungs full of the fresh sea air he bounded into town to go shopping. When I eventually crawled out of bed and down to breakfast in a 'dark glasses/scarf round the head' kind of a way I could but nod at his new purchases barely able to speak. Three litres of orange juice and four Nurofen later I began to feel human again.
By midday we had set off aiming for Knysna a little further along the coast. No sooner had we started out then we decided to go clothes shopping. Queens? Us?
Have a mentioned how cheap everything is in Seth Eff-reek-a? We were, are and will be constantly surprised at how far our money goes. The Rand is at about 14 to the pound at the moment which makes a beer about 50p and good wine bottle of wine about 1 pound 50p. No wonder we get pissed so easily - we just can't help ourselves.
Anyway, back to the shopping. WE bought shirts, T-shirts and various sports-related items. All nice stuff and I'm afraid to say I'm beginning to develop a taste in clothes similar to Marky (loose, baggy, floral stuff - oh God, I'll have to throw out my latex, spandex and lycra now).
As the worst of the midday heat was ebbing we headed off on the N2 in the direction of Knysna again. We stopped off in George but were singularly unimpressed. The scenery got a lot better now the Garden Route had started proper. Not as nice or dramatic as the San F / LA route or the Swiss Alps but impressive nonetheless.
When we finally got to Knysna we booked into the Log-Inn, a pseudo-log cabin with a four star rating. Nice to have some creature comforts at last. We phoned around and found a gay restaurant where we could dine that night and headed off to the waterfront to see what mischief we could make there. We soon found a 5pm harbour ferry tour that took in a nature reserve, the Indian Ocean and the sunset. Not only that but it had a bar and a chatty barman. Perfect. The barman got a little too friendly actually but after asking leading questions we steered the conversation to the state of English football and Arsenal in particular. Safe ground. Soon he was asking us to join him in a game of football after the tour. Fortunately we had dinner plans so politely declined.

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