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Wednesday, April 25, 2001

We even got the year right....
We didn't win - but we were bloomin' close. And what a top night it was. It was big money up for grabs at the Pop Quiz (£117) and our team was out in strength the three Ds - Darren, Dave & David - and me. The supplementary bonus quizlet was ten eighties lyrics worth three bonus points - we walked it. The quiz proper got off to a blistering start...

(insert fuller details of quiz here)*

Inserted at 8pm later same day
OK. Here's fuller details. The first two questions were current releases: Madonna, Destinys Child and Missy Elliot. The R&B Queens were next: Christina Aguilera, Pink amd Li'l Kim. Bonus point for the connection (They are working on a version Lady Marmalade originally done by La Belle). The theme of covers continued with tracks from the Brand New Boots and Panties album namely Cerys Matthews and Shane McGowan. The connection round (Band Of Gold, Man In A Suitcase and a Bille track) gave us the engagement of Chris Evans and Billie Pipsqueak. Correctly identifying Lady Tron, The Avalanches and Linkin Park meant we were on a roll. The soul round (introduced specifically to fox Darren apparently) again presented no problems. Candi Staton, James Brown and Rose Royce were the culprits. The Best round was a two-tracks-at-the-same-time Human League's Being Boiled and TLC's No Scrubs producing the inevitably titled Being Scrubs.

... and we only tripped up on two. The first was from the Brand New Boots and Panties album; we thought we were hearing Suggs whereas we were really hearing Billy Bragg. Secondly the diva who was belting out some camp show tune or other from 1973 was Liza Minnelli (we put the Supremes). And yes, we even got the year right 1969 (clues were Maxwell's Silver Hammer, Space Oddity, Je T'aime). We got 22 points. Not bad. It turned out that one other team got 22 also so we had a tie-break situation. We hastily drew lots and David got the "short straw". Despite successfully calling out the name of the singer first in the tie-break (Sinead O'Connor) he was told to call out the name again when the vocal started (go figure). Naturally the cat was out of the bag by then so it was a tie-break situation again. The opening bars of Status Quo's Rocking All Over The World proved our undoing though. Consolation prizes of free club passes and beer T-shirts were unnecessary. We knew deep down that we'd won - but lost on a technicality. Strangely Wendy even tried to give us the cash prize at the end by mistake (subconsciously the girl knew she done wrong?)

What made the quiz so much fun was that we all contributed more or less fairly to the answers. The team worked well together. Dave commented that it was the best Pop Quiz night ever for that reason - and I think I agree - even though we didn't win the money this time. Afterwards we all went to Bar Code - and did a bit more laughing/bonding/confessing the way that friends do. Top, top night.

Oh, yes. When I left Bar Code there was a strange sexual tension in the air... anyone care to elaborate?

For my own part I shall pass briefly over the multiple taxi rides on the way home and what followed. And on a completely (look into my eyes) COMPLETELY different subject: Drew stayed last night. Good Luck in your job interview today, Drew. Knock 'em dead.

Oh, and Darren, you said to say something nice about you in my blog today. Darren, you are a sex-god. Nice enough?

* I was so hung over this morning I left the completed quiz form in my jeans - D'oh! Will blog the gory details tonight - honest!

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