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Sunday, April 22, 2001

Town mice have more fun...
Who'd live in the country, eh? At 1am last night Ben and I decided on a whim to go out. We fancied a few beers and a dance. We wandered down to the Garage at Highbury Corner where there's a new Indie night. We stumped up and stumbled in. Two hours later we were pleasantly drunk and all danced out. Town mice: Mission Accomplished. I could never be a country mouse.

How low can you go?...
As a child I used to suffer mildly from ADD. As an adult I now try to avoid any chemical stimulation. Even caffine. My natural lows are quite low enough thank you very much. And I prefer to surf my ocassional unexplicable waves of euphoria unassisted towards the beach of sanity. Whatsmore I now enjoy my Tuesdays again.

The bubble has burst. My brief infatuation is over. "Into The Deep" at the IMAX on Saturday was disappointing. I think I will give it one last try though and go and see Dolphins.

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