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Monday, April 16, 2001

Good Monday...
Good films were on TV (finally all is forgiven, Phantom Menace). Good fun was had at Bar Fusion (thanks to Some Like It Hot on the big video screen). Good fun was had at Route 73 with Colin (good pool, good darts and a good jukebox). Good fun was had at the Oak Bar (thanks to Maggie, Gill, Marianne and the gorgeous barman Mark) where we also met Kelly Marie, yes! the Kellie Marie. My head was in a spin. My feet didn't touch the ground. Because she was near to me. My head went round and round. My knees were shaking, baby. My heart it beat like a drum. Boo, Boo. It felt like, it felt like I was in love. And also good fun was had with a certain gentleman called Christian (rather appropriate I thought for Easter) who I bumped into on the way home. Very cute, 26, cute, a nurse, liked me and cute. Did I mention he was cute? All in all a fab weekend from start to finish.

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